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Unnoticed Potential

Unnoticed Potential

8.5K Reads 423 Votes 10 Part Story
Pein-loves-sakura By Pein-loves-sakura Completed

Konoha 12 left Sakura behind and replaced her.What happens when Sakura's out 'training' and catches the attention of two certain ANBU.The ANBU confront her and what will happen?Will they be able to save her before she falls into the darkness or will they be the one's to push her in?Non-massacre.

JessicaSuttles JessicaSuttles Dec 29, 2016
I guess I'm just more closed off from people, but I would NOT let someone do that to me lol or tell them what's going on. I would just walk away.....I'm so antisocial.
Slowmara Slowmara Jan 09
*whiny teenage voice*
                              We were concealing our chakra Dad(Pain) I swear!!!
JessicaSuttles JessicaSuttles Dec 29, 2016
I'm over here going "nope, nooo, F you, heck no, stop touching me." Lol