Daddy's Little Monster (Kellic) (DdLb)

Daddy's Little Monster (Kellic) (DdLb)

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By lavendervic Updated Jun 24


Vic Fuentes is little who's learned to shut everyone out. Including every Daddy he's ever had. He's a brat in pink panties, whose love for pastel and stuffed animals is almost as big as his arsenal of dirty words. 

Kellin Quinn is the sweetest Daddy around,  but nobody can put up with the kindness of him. All of his littles could never find the right way to test his patience. He's an angel in skinny jeans and a beanie. His caring nature and heart is bigger than his love for singing and dancing. 

When Kellin finds himself as Vic's new Daddy, can he finally be pushed past his breaking point with the Little Monster from San Diego?

Dom!Kellin  Little!Vic

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Woah a kellic fic that doesn't have Vic as the dominant one I'm surprised
alexokbro alexokbro Jun 06
why the tears is this kill Alex day wtf. Why peeps keep giving me these heart problems
I'll give my soul to see it. *Satan pops out of no where* Satan: Too late you gave that to me. Me: Well.....
I feel like a bullet train with 500 carts and twelve herds of cattle just ran me over. It's sad when it's that relatable
alexokbro alexokbro Jun 06
But why I think of John Laurens lmao. But titles make everything better darling
I never want to take a shower, but when I do shower I spend like twenty minutes in there singing and having a great time.