I wanted to do this before anyone else did, but I got to think what if Jesse got chipped and not Petra and Lukas. EPISODE 7 SPOILERS

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zeta_derp zeta_derp Sep 19, 2016
:o *grabs a million pound box of popcorn* OHMAIGAWD.. LUKAS'S FUTURE WIFU IS CHIPPED
DawningFlower DawningFlower Oct 09, 2016
One girl
                              One fanfic
                              7% battery.
                              Will she finish the fanfic before her battery reaches 5%, or worse, 0%.
                              Find out next time in The Life of a Bookworm.
                              And this ladies and gentlemen is what happens when I stay up until 2:07 in the morning.
ReaTheMinecraftGirl ReaTheMinecraftGirl Jul 30, 2016
When I first played the episode I thought, "are you sure that it's not a diary to write about Jesse  (insert Lenny face here)?"