Dominant Species

Dominant Species

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Werewolves have lived for millennia in the shadow of the human race.  Their strength,  togetherness and senses could not compete with the ability of humans to create, dominate and procreate.

Until their civilization collapses, and the earth is changed forever.

Rising out of the ashes, will there be a new dominant species on earth?  

In this sequel to Saved by my Human Mate, we follow a small group of humans and werewolves as they struggle to survive and create a new world in the wake of an extinction event.

Wolphin5 Wolphin5 Aug 25, 2016
I could easily see a discharged medic quite happy to get a paid for medical school :)
cliuin cliuin Jul 30, 2016
A combat medic with  doctor school and  training, not many things can trump that, and one with with combat experience is worth  pure gold.
Love2ReadLit Love2ReadLit Jul 30, 2016
Hmmm...good start.  Not certain how I feel about the timeline change from the "original" version.  In my mind Raven should be ten, but I'm sure there is a method to your madness.