cheating harry styles imagines

cheating harry styles imagines

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ashace_ By ashace_ Updated Sep 30, 2013

you woke up next to that familliar face that you see every morning. harrys face. his green eyes look into yours like he knew everything about you, almost like he knows all the bad things you had done in the past... his cute dimples when he smiles, his curly hair that would always bounce back into place when you pulled a strand of hair. and finally his adorable laugh that makes you happy every time you hear it!

" hey there beautiful" he says in a sexy husky voice.

"you okay?" he asks just like normal when you wake up.

"yeah fine, just remembered that ive gotta go down the shop get some bread and milk. arghhh!" you say a little dissapointed hoping harry would say something cute just to make you stay, but he didnt, he just sat there quietly.

harry got a text. he looked at you then to his phone and began to read the text that he had just got from someone... he was smiling so big at the screen of his phone that his dimples got deeper the wider he smiled.

you began to get a little jelou...

annaliselongg annaliselongg Apr 30, 2016
Yea right that's why his and her top was off. This is stupid no offense it just doesn't really make sense
kiss me by ed sheeran started playing
                              looks like I am crying
kellykelly344 kellykelly344 Aug 26, 2014
I knew the cheating was coming but my heart was beating so fast
tinkerbell701 tinkerbell701 Feb 21, 2014
i just dont think she should go back 2 him but yeah, i liked it
ollielolly ollielolly Nov 09, 2013
                              but if they just broke up it wouldiv been more dramatic!! 
                              yup yup imma drama queen lol ^_^