Hey You ⌲ Paul McCartney

Hey You ⌲ Paul McCartney

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totally tubular By starrymccartney Updated 3 days ago

❝I can't love you,❞ he spoke lightly.

How I had yearned for him - how I had begged and pleaded for him, how my strength had fallen at the foot of my door when he walked away, how at the last I could only whimper,

❝I knew it.❞

"I'm sitting here doing nothing but aging while my guitar gently weeps" dude have you ever heard that version from the LOVE soundtrack??? it's so hauntingly beautiful 👏🏻
WOW THIS WRITING IS INCREDIBLE LIKE W O W im really into this plot and how like Paul was the main character's muse and not the other way around you know???? really looking forward to reading more!!!!
I am imagining Keith as Keith Richards so Keith Richards naked=happiness
That's exactly how I feel. All my friends are dating at such a young age and I find it very immature.