The Undeniable Attraction of Opposites (girlxgirl)

The Undeniable Attraction of Opposites (girlxgirl)

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Everyone has read the cliché story of the bad boy and the nerdy girl falling helplessly in love. But has anyone ever read the story of the bad girl and the nerdy girl falling in love? 

Alaska was practically invisible. Nobody paid her much attention, except when they wanted her help with homework. She was a straight A student with no social life and hardly any friends, except Haley.

So when Cassidy, the school's residual "bad girl", approaches Alaska in the hopes of gaining a tutor, both of their worlds are turned upside.

(Highest Ranking: #1 in Teen Fiction)

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C-nan3 C-nan3 3 days ago
Hi Mrs. Author person, Umm, as you can see, I comment a lot...I have little to no self control...if all the commenting bothers you, I can try to tone it down...I really like this story!! Its amazing!! The roasting is on point👌well, thanks for reading this!(if you did)
C-nan3 C-nan3 3 days ago
This is so me😂😂 I dont "dress to impress" I dress for comfort
C-nan3 C-nan3 3 days ago
Oh hell no!! I fricking hate when people snap rudely at me!! If he did that to me, I would've bit those fingers off!
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Zeissth Zeissth Aug 16, 2016
I am seeking your permission to copy your story. 😂😂😂😂 you did say not to unless 👆happened. So🙏🙅🙇or 💩