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Sisters In Christ Meeting Book (OSB)

Sisters In Christ Meeting Book (OSB)

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Just A Bunch Of Sisters In Christ By SistersInChrist Updated 12 hours ago

Where we meet, update, our lives, pray, write Bible study's, and discuss current hot topics! In this book, it's basically all you need to make friends, have fun, discuss the Bible, and unite! We are God's children, called to serve Him and gather together as a army of believers to set away temptations and help others out. In God's will we pray this will set no discord amongst the brethren but do the exact opposite- cause love toward our sisters in Christ! 

This book is by all of SistersInChrist('s) Advanced Members.

jfreaks jfreaks Sep 12, 2016
1. non-denominational Christian
                              2. 18
                              3.  In the library
                              4. Agree!
Nameless_Soldier Nameless_Soldier Sep 23, 2016
I'm fourteenish. Possible twelve. 
                              Not really in any particular sect of Christianity, I'm a non conformist lover of the Almighty!
                              This book is in my library. 
                              And I do approve.
Aruetii Aruetii Sep 29, 2016
I'm a Christian, I'm fourteen, I have this book in my library, and I most certainly do approve.
ChrisPrattObsessed ChrisPrattObsessed Sep 16, 2016
1. Baptist
                              2. 12 about to turn 13 in Nov.
                              3. Yes.
                              4. Agreed.
                              (P.S. I wanna be an advanced member.)