Nobody Sees, Nobody Knows {Cockles}

Nobody Sees, Nobody Knows {Cockles}

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Jensen bristles visibly, straightening his back and squaring his shoulders. Looking so appalled that he maybe, possibly, almost kissed his best friend off set. 

"Fine," he says tersely. "You're right; this is...weird. I obviously need to get some sleep."

The hope that bubbled up inside me congeals and sinks to a sour ache in the pit of my stomach. 

"Yeah, me too."

I pinch the bridge of my nose, then force myself to flash him a toothy grin, cocky mask sliding expertly into place. 

"So thank goodness that didn't happen."

"Right," he laughs breathlessly. 

"Would've been so weird."

"Fucking messed up."


I stare at my drink, twinkling amber and gold in the starlight as the non-too-subtle tension between us simmers and stews like a poisonous vapour spreading a miasma of stifled and humiliating desire. 

We lapse into crestfallen silence. 

What exactly did you think was going on here Misha? The voice in my head berates me derisively. It's called acting. Ever heard of people getting a little lost in role playing? That's all this is.

Sequel: That's When We Uncover {Cockles}

i came her for a good time but i honestly feel so attacked rn
Saturn-0 Saturn-0 Jul 07
I am ready to sill my soul to Satan to get this really happen xD
Do I need to put Maybelline in a Supernatural episode to make Destiel happen in real life because I will
ok not gonna lie i'm just reading this to get over twist and shout
I was gonna say; he could bike. But then I remembered that he doesn't just bike, oh no, he bicycle tours
casinned casinned Aug 10
everyone in the comments is freaking out and i'm just sat here like; been there, done that, got the promotion. (i mean i've already read it before.)