Snatched by the Dolan twins

Snatched by the Dolan twins

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Daniela <3 By Daniela_hemmings_ Updated Aug 09

This story quite confusing and shitty 😂


-So I'm making a new story and I wanted to make something new about the Dolan twins since I freaking love them lolll 

-Daniela ✨💗


Ohhh yah I just got kiddnap no worry's wanna watch finding dory with our kidnappers huh😂😂😂😂
thwknd thwknd Apr 17
Wait. I wanna cuddle with him too because she got tired and if you get tired when you cuddle with Grayson I need to cuddle with Grayson  #nosleep
I would of said " I said casserole because I'm white and that's all we eat and talk about" (but I'm picturing this girl Latina) (also I don't eat casserole and I'm white)
Just because jasmine wanna be a bitch 👏👏👏😒 thanks jasmine we appreciate ur help
The sad thing is that I can picture my e-tee-wee-tee doing this
Baby-LovesK Baby-LovesK May 17
I have a best friend named Jasmine and this would be totally her 😂😂