Cliche Cops ✓

Cliche Cops ✓

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The main rule is 
'Stop the cliches' 



In the town where everything cliched occurs, Ella is sent a message with a simple task. These messages are demanding and she unknowingly got herself into the mess by complying with the messages. 

Little did she know all the work that came along with it once she signed up. 

Now she has to:
a) Stop her neighbours from falling in love. 
b) The waitress from marrying a billionaire.
c) The new girl from falling for the golden boy.
d) Find out who's behind all these messages.

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UponUsOnce UponUsOnce Mar 13
Plot twist: she’s gay and in denial so she’s going to go after the bad boy so her Christian Homophobic family can see just how straight she is
fallenangel786 fallenangel786 Apr 20, 2017
The only teachers who are like that in my school are my maths and science teachers
TheWickedCat TheWickedCat Aug 26, 2016
I don't think you were...I think I was... but then again, nothing beats Pokémon
_ThePhantom _ThePhantom Aug 30, 2016
This is a very interesting idea, sort of a comedy with a surreal outlook on the recurring elements that plague several stories. Also curious is that the "Stop the Clichés" is a part of community service; if they ever had that at a school or in a town, I'd sign up immediately.
TimmyBookHater TimmyBookHater Oct 02, 2016
This just might be the book humanity has been waiting for since the dawn of civilisation!!! #Masterclass #TotallyRivetting #iDontLikePopcorn 👏
toohottobetrue2 toohottobetrue2 Aug 25, 2016
Great concept! Loved the summary :) Thank you for the dedication 😉❤