No One Loves Me (HanJoo)

No One Loves Me (HanJoo)

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Hojoon's Main Hoe By ImTrash4Minseok Completed

B-Joo and Hansol have been dating for 1 year. They've never had a fight before. But what happens when in their first fight, B-Joo says something that affects Hansol deeply? Will Hansol and B-Joo ever be the same after this? 

AU where they aren't in Topp Dogg and all have jobs and stuff like that.

Ships in this book:
Hansol x B-Joo
Xero x Jennisi 
Sangdo x Hojoon 
A-Tom x P-Goon
Yano x Gohn

-jayebum -jayebum 3 hours ago
I have finally arrived to this after you emotionally scarred me in your one-shot & this is how I am greeted?
Kpop_Trash13 Kpop_Trash13 Jul 30, 2016
Did you hear that, that was my heart shattering into a million piceses I can't stop crying help
JayParkTrash JayParkTrash Jul 30, 2016
And they didn't know I was on the other side of the screen crying too.
I cant stop crying. My heart is damaged. I think it ran away from me..
M-my L-little b-baby. I'm crying and at the possibility of this happening...😩😭😫