Doms and Subs.

Doms and Subs.

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In this world of werewolves there's two types of wolves, Dominates and Submissives. Subs follow the Dom's rules in order to keep their protection, Dom's give the subs orders, protection, and a mate. 
Andrew, most call him Andy, is a Dom hoping for a mate that can fend for himself in a time of need. 

Sethlyn, most call him Seth, is a sub hoping for a mate that will protect him and give him the love he doesn't deserve. 

Will these two put their wants aside and be happy with what the fates gave them? It will someone get rejected because of something that's out of their hands.

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I like this book so much, but the grammar is so bad that I can’t read most of the chapter, I’m just going to wait until you edit it.
properparslemouth properparslemouth Oct 22, 2017
There's a washing machine in the kitchen? Or is it relevant to a dish washer
Tbh I'm with him on that, leave me in my shell at least for a few weeks
KylieShell333 KylieShell333 Jul 22, 2017
I'll admit, there aren't many small wolves that had the characteristics I needed.
Rory-Kirkland Rory-Kirkland Sep 20, 2017
even hitler wold havevstoppped what he was doing if his mom gave him 'the mother look' 
                              you know the one
Cute so far...just needs Editting cos the grammar and spelling is not up to par ...sorry