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Sweet Nightmare By Danti001 Completed

Jack's family moved to America so they could have a change of scenery. Jack had to go to a new school and make new friends. But one boy in particular catches his eye. Mark hasn't spoken to anyone in years. Not his best friend, Felix, or anyone in his family. He always sneaks away at lunch to go somewhere. Jack hopes to break the silence that has fallen over the boy, but the problem isn't about talking to Mark, it's about getting Mark to talk to him.

I've actually never have seen any of Cry's videos.... ;-;
                              Btw is Cry his real YouTube name?
In a world of not at all rare time skips, dare to be a unicorn with magic powers and rainbows that shoot out of it's butt! It is also a time skip! Because. I said so.
I'm so used to jack being like an angsty teen in these fanfics this is a nice but strange change
Mark....why did u gotta dye your hair back to normal....😭
XD can't wait to read this! The prologue was great, I AM GONNA LOVE THIS :3
Hi Felix.....
                              *demonic voice* :
                              "YoU bEtTeR nOt GeT iN tHe WaY oF mY OTP."
                              "lol Septiplier is the reason I live :3"