Beatles Smutty One-Shots

Beatles Smutty One-Shots

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ExileOnAbbey_Road By ExileOnAbbey_Road Updated Jan 02, 2017

A collection of smutty scenarios written from imagination rather than experience...

About the Beatles, of course!

《May or may not include slash》

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Yup ok wow doing the pip pop dididdly do the his daughter that’s where I tap out
auroraharrison auroraharrison Feb 11, 2017
Me: Dammit John, ask for a kiss not a coke!!!!! YOU HAD ONE JOB!!!!!!!!!! *slaps John on the back of the head*
                              John: OW!!! WHAT DID I DO?!?!?!
Chicken_Hoe Chicken_Hoe Sep 11, 2016
This is very good, very kinky indeed but also kind of sad...
I have no words to explain this.......except the words ive given you now.
Paul was definitely butchered in this story. What a disrespect to him.