Life With The Italian Mafia  (BWWM) ©.

Life With The Italian Mafia (BWWM) ©.

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Sammy By sameerra Completed

A black independent, feisty black woman finds herself applying for a job in New York at hospital as a plastic surgeon with her best friends applying for their jobs in New York elsewhere she gets the job few weeks later she finds a man on the floor trying to stitch himself up the caring woman she is she rushes over to him helping him which he allows once she's done with helping him she notices how handsome no better yet sexy almost like Greek God as she checks him out she sees  he has a gun she starts to panic and blacks out. She wakes up on the hospital bed and looks around not seeing the Greek looking god as if it was a dream but what she doesn't know is that it wasn't she had just ran into on of the highest  most feared Italian mafia leader and soon they'll be meeting again.(EDITING SOON)

bribri25410 bribri25410 Jul 09
Okay so this is my guess. I think he says 'your moves are very sexy my chocolate princess'. The only reason I can kinda guess this is because I'm learning Spanish and they are kinda similar.
Y friends and I in 4 years as a cardiothoracic surgeon, cosmetologist, plastic surgeon, orthodontist and my boyfriend a neurologist. We started from the bottom but eh we gone make it
Girl he asked for your number because he had to leave and want to see you again not a one night stand. 😂😂😂😂😂
Raine down on this bitch twice x2 u know me I do do what eva
Asianslayer Asianslayer Sep 12
To be honest the whole describing her body thing just unhyped me, I mean we don't need to know just say she's curvy or something ( no shade thrown )
courtface18 courtface18 Nov 06, 2016
If my friend group chats don't look like this I don't need friends ya heard