Ask or Dare Septiplier/Danti!

Ask or Dare Septiplier/Danti!

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Ask or dare anything!!


I will try to get to every comment. :)

You can interact with them directly, or have them interact with each other.

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AshleyMenzato AshleyMenzato May 31, 2017
(Breaks the fourth wall with a gaster blaster) i dare dark to sing nightmare by set it off!!! 😈😈😈😈
Skyalarislife Skyalarislife Jul 28, 2017
I dare jack and Mark to kiss in front of anti and dark 😂😂😂
SilentMoonShadow SilentMoonShadow Oct 07, 2016
I dare dark and anti to have $ex and same with  jack and mark sorry nvm you could also do this one I dare dark to kiss jack and for  mark to kiss anti for 10 whole minuts
kawaiicutie101 kawaiicutie101 Jul 29, 2016
I dare anti to girly cosplay ( Like some type of girlyish clothes sexual or not you pick ) and then show dark * sits and grabs popcorn *
MakalaLeatherbury MakalaLeatherbury Jan 16, 2017
i dare anti and dark to kiss and mark to come in sing im a banana while being in a banana suit
fonnieanimenightcore fonnieanimenightcore Aug 02, 2016
I dare Jack to wear a hatsune miku cosplay and Anti to become the most bad ass sheite that we ever known :'D