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Eomma Jin By HobiOppaBiased Completed

In which Chae Hyungwon receives an anonymous text.

A/N: Wonho is not yet a part of the group and neither is Minhyuk. All the boys are in college.

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LynniMini LynniMini Sep 01, 2017
Wait. So they're in the same class texting each other? If i was Hyungwoo i would just look up to see who's on the phone too haha
CrazyStarPower CrazyStarPower Nov 17, 2017
. . . I don't even have a bias in Monsta X
                              When people ask who my bias is I'm just like
                              "The rap line"
I like how no one is talking aboyt the Kermit (???) in the back
TinaC213 TinaC213 Mar 04
I would just prob block the number at this point and hide forever since...
jkooking jkooking Feb 05
죄송합니다 or joe-song-hab-ni-da if you romanize it directly
231067abby 231067abby Apr 12
Shin isnt even wonhosreal name ,👀 but shin wonho is the name of shin of cross gene, oh this is confusing