His Demons

His Demons

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victorious By -victorious- Updated Aug 10

He walks into school in jumpers that hide his colourful bruises and broken bones and excuses that conceal the voices in his head and the screams he hear.

She was the queen of the school as she walked with her head held above the sea of society's flaws she doesn't realise she has drowned in. 

With her father's betrayal and his father's abuse - they are forced to work together as they both live their troubled lives and soon they won't be worrying about a mere project but something or someone far more dangerous.

[semi auto-biographical]

dispersions dispersions Mar 19
Story time:
                              When I was reading Walking Disasters I saw your comments about theories and stuff and I was like okay I have a feeling this person could write a really good story and decided to see what you'd written and here I am. So yeah, I'm excited! XD
The summary had always had me wondering about how the story would take place!
erosful erosful Feb 12
this scared me a little in a good way, of course. just from this, i can tell you're a better author than me.
- - Oct 15, 2016
I...just love this so much
                              The first time I read it I was 10 and I still get shivers
Jesus Christ, i love it! More better then it was before or maybe its just that it has been a while! I love this.
The_overthinker22 The_overthinker22 Nov 06, 2016
I love this so far really hinting at the errie and darkness to it already