Eddsworld X Reader :: Colors {DISCONTINUED}

Eddsworld X Reader :: Colors {DISCONTINUED}

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jam ♥️ By jamjelly_ Updated 11 hours ago

{{ORIGINAL TITLE : Tord x Reader x Tom}}

EDIT 1/16/18 : guys i wrote this when i was like, 12. so this shit is probably cringeworthy as fuck and has a lot of mistakes. (just a warning lmao)

Changes were made to the story because of the lack of focus to the main subject.


(Y/N) moves into a house across from Edd's gang with their best friend. They meet but things take an unexpected turn. Is (Y/N) what they say they are?

May be very cringeworthy. This is my first story after all...Haha. 

>>this book has been discontinued.<<

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SkoiTheDemonWolf SkoiTheDemonWolf Jul 22, 2017
*Kazoo kid starts playing kazoo making authors around the world lazy*
1bluetwilight 1bluetwilight Jun 03, 2017
I have no friends in real life, and I CAN BE FREE NOW THAT TRUMP IS GONE!
_xdyxl _xdyxl Apr 04, 2017
Nn 1. Fluffy
                              Nn 2. Bacon
                              Nn 3. Tord
                              Nn 4. The Baconator
                              I have weird friends
Jemmi_Sama Jemmi_Sama Jun 14, 2017
NN: Jemsie
                              NN: Jemma
                              NN: Jay~Jay 
                              NN: Gabi (My Real Name Is Gabriella)
                              NN: Tami
Vitto1176 Vitto1176 Feb 09, 2017
everyone's thinking of fnaf. I'm thinking of doctor horrible
flickerchan flickerchan Jan 15, 2017
When you literally have no friends because everyone in real life are DOUCHEBAGS UGH