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A Sansational time. (AU sans's X reader)

A Sansational time. (AU sans's X reader)

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Narcleto By Mistress_Narcleto Updated Nov 06, 2016

Many sans's band together to save the timelines from genocide, with help from a human named (Y/N) little do they know that tHeYRE BeIng DEstROyed fROM thE InSidE.

Sister: is it edgy mc my chemical romance
                              Me: no its error
                              Sister: i dont care then
Me: Hello error.
                              Error: ShUt Up StUpId PeIcE oF sH*T.
                              Me: ;-;
Hi Erry!
                              Error: Don't call me that.
                              Error: I don't like it
                              Oh Do YoU?
                              Error: Um.
                              WeLl I wOnDeR iF tHeRe Is A wAy To MaKe YoU lIkE iT?
                              Error: 0_0
Phosec Phosec Nov 01, 2016
Error:I'll let you survive the ruins
                              ~10 min later~ 
                              Error:I'll let you survive the core
                              ~10 min later~
                              Error:*lost interest*
CrystalliaKitty CrystalliaKitty Nov 08, 2016
I TOTALLY don't think it could POSSIBLY be Error...I mean, Error doesn't speak like that at ALL. <--- evident sarcasm.
Anifan13 Anifan13 Jan 22
Well... At least I get to eat Pie before I Die...
                              Max: Eh.
                              Anifan: I guess you could call it...
                              Max: Don't... *says in warning voice*
                              Anifan: Die Pie...
                              Max: You have 5 seconds to run...
                              Anifan: Ok!
                              Max: 1.. 2.. 5... *chases Anifan*
                              Anifan: *books it*