The Love That Never Dies (Zanvis Fanfic)

The Love That Never Dies (Zanvis Fanfic)

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WolfieStar18 By WolfieStar19 Updated 5 days ago

This will have strong language and some violence..And a little gore

A flirtatious guy who hides being Bisexual...He hides the fact that he loves Zane by flirting with girls...But he also has a dark side trying to break free and Kill Everyone...How will he stop...Himself?

A shy,Emo,Metal music loving weirdo. He harms himself knowing no one cares or loves him...But the fact is...HOW does he love?He hides his scares by not talking to anyone.No one knows his asthma,Anxiety or panics Attacks...He doesn't have a crush...Or so he thought?He has a dark side which taunts him to kill..Who will help Zane to be cured

Find out in The Love That Never Dies

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