Bullets of Love (Karma x Reader)

Bullets of Love (Karma x Reader)

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Sakura-Chan By Labyrinthinia Updated Apr 15

I am here for assassination only,  I don't have time for feelings. 

A teenage girl
A sniper
An assassin

What happens when 15 year old assassin,  (Y/N) joins class 3-E,  the assassination classroom? Sent to one of the best high schools in Japan,  (Y/N) is given the job to assassinate Koro-sensei before the world ends. But soon you are targeted by none other than bad boy Karma Akabane,  will his wishes come true?  Or will your promise to never let feelings get in your way,  force you to break his heart?

Disclaimer: I don't own Assassination Classroom or any characters.

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Senpai, I just realized. Karma in the cover is actually Slender man's son XD sorey if I offended you tho. LOVE THE BOOK AND YOU SENPAI!!
MagiQueen MagiQueen Mar 25
I don't know why but with mostly every story I read,  it a starts with the reader waking up to the sunlight filling there room!  I find that quite funny.