Haunted Riddles(Zianourry)

Haunted Riddles(Zianourry)

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Zen Beyoncé Malik By TooBrokenToCare Completed

'Don't go to near that house at the top of the hill if you value your life'

It is common knowledge among everyone living in the small town, Bradford, that that house, was haunted. Many people who have thought that was bullshit have bravely entered the house, armed with cameras to prove everyone wrong. But none of them were ever seen again.

Zayn Malik was a 17 year old boy who came from a very wealthy family. His mother, unfortunately was dead but his father was a well known lawyer. They lived in a huge house in the rich part of Bradford. But Zayn has a very dark secret. His father abuses him. 

All Zayn wanted was freedom. So one night, he packed his bag and ran. Ran far away until he reached that house. No one would even think of looking for him there and Zayn didn't really believe in ghosts. Even if there were 'ghosts', the worst they could do was kill him and that thought was actually quite welcoming. He never expected to find love instead.

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Lovely_Iris_15 Lovely_Iris_15 Apr 05, 2016
Of course I would! You made an amazing summary, cover, good plot...who wouldn't want to read this? I mean, I already love ghosts and supernatural things, so I know I'll like this.
- - Oct 17, 2015
An abused youngster ending up as spooky-hugging weirdo? I dunno, if modern society would see that as prowess or degeneration...
Gucci_Tae Gucci_Tae Feb 26, 2015
I'm weird when I watch scary movies I get a fever afterwards
ZiallJHorlik ZiallJHorlik Dec 29, 2014
if I watch a scary movie I am too scared to shower....because I'm alone
1imaginerZarry 1imaginerZarry Oct 03, 2014
I just screeched out loud with my friend talking to me on the phone
_Niall_My_Bae_ _Niall_My_Bae_ Jun 12, 2014
scary movies give me nightmares but at the same time it's exciting. Am I making sense? cuz like I know that I will get nightmares but I like scary movies...