He's A Bad Boy ( Justin Bieber Fanfic ) ▷▶IN PAPERBACK◀◁

He's A Bad Boy ( Justin Bieber Fanfic ) ▷▶IN PAPERBACK◀◁

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// k r y s s i e // By UnwantedJuvenile Completed

"I swear when our lips touch, I can taste the next sixty five years of my life."

"I love you, my bad boy."

// Notorious Canadian bad boy, Justin Bieber, moves to Kristelle Medina's hometown and she undeniably falls for his charms. His badass profile slowly changes through time the more he was around Elle. Will their budding romance grow into something much more? or will they fall out?

(Also includes Austin Mahone.)

® UnwantedJuvenile 2013

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vale_procopio vale_procopio Jul 12, 2016
Viva l'Italia🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹❤️❤️❤️
_BelieberOfBieber _BelieberOfBieber Nov 30, 2016
I can't see any chapters except this one, someone knows what I have to do?
drewsavenue drewsavenue Aug 20, 2016
When I hear my full name I think about the bad things I've done in school. It scared me when my parents do that.
chokingbizzle chokingbizzle Oct 13, 2016
Me when my dad is like I'm going to count to 3. 1 I'm still sitting. 2 I'm like is he going to say 3. 3 I run
jime00001 jime00001 Jul 27, 2016
Also knows as the hottest man in the world 😍💦 plus my daddy and husband 💗
xoBeliebrxo xoBeliebrxo Nov 27, 2016
Sounds like my dad except he's short like me😂😂😭😭 my moms the tall one