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goodbye . By computae Completed

i don't have that thing called life.
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[erika] [completed] | 2016

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gyunseoks gyunseoks Apr 14, 2017
Danggg ur half brit/half fil. and you live in mexico ??? Thats so cool !! and you speak Spanish too like !!! Idk why i think its so cool, but thats cool. I thought you lived in england xD idk y I thought of that
fxntasies_ fxntasies_ Feb 03, 2017
I can speak 8 languages hurhurhur and I'm like wayy younger than you...But that's awesome that you can speak 7 languages
fxntasies_ fxntasies_ Feb 03, 2017
I ask myself what it's like to be dead,what happens after we die...So I'm not afraid of dying lol
fxntasies_ fxntasies_ Feb 03, 2017
I don't think anyone's ugly...I think everyone's beautiful...Why are you being so negative about yourself?
- - Aug 10, 2016
bro same i think we're twins like everything u just said is me on the daily im shook
allonsy_sherlockians allonsy_sherlockians Dec 21, 2016
ikr?? a lot of ppl will use their religion as a way to justify their actions and it's just sad 😥