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Yaoi Rp

Yaoi Rp

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the gayness is realllll By creepypastagirl42302 Updated 2 days ago

Title says it all!!!

Sex toys, neck kissing/licking/biting, teasing, not to rough, not to gentle, daddy kink
ran away when he was 14 and now he hops from friends house to friends house to find a place to sleep
Animals, music, dancing, holding hands, cuddeling, nature, parkour, art
Looks: Black hair, hair style is like Markiplier, black hoodie, black shirt under hoodie, black pants with a black belt with a silver dragon on, black jeans, black combat boots and ice blue eyes and hides his face with a Jason mask, kinda pale, 6'7
Loner, melody person, arty(?), nice, has anger problems, sporty, fit, cuddly
Joshua (Josh)
                              He's broad,muscular,is a Neko but he's dominant. 
                              Spicy food,kisses,and action movies
                              His parents were abusive and tested on him. He now lives alone