Smile For The Camera | Birdflash |

Smile For The Camera | Birdflash |

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Sinnamon Roll By Pokemon_Overlord Updated Jun 24, 2017

"Breaking news. Richard Grayson, ward of Bruce Wayne, was caught making out with an unknown red haired boy last night in Central!"


Being the son of a billionaire isn't easy. Being the son of Bruce Wayne is 10 times harder. When Dick wasn't fight crime he was fighting the paparazzi.

One night Dick takes a walk through the city park and runs across Wally West and it's love at first sight.

What happens when the public finds out about this scandal or even worse, what happens when Bruce finds out!

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animefanatic416 animefanatic416 Dec 22, 2017
Dude, I don't sleep at night, and I have to go at 4:40 am cause I have basketball practice early. Your situation is lucky.
animefanatic416 animefanatic416 Dec 22, 2017
I like my wine how I like my boys.
                              Six years old and in my basement.
itsyawaterkid itsyawaterkid Oct 22, 2017
If KF doesn't run off....
                              Oml I fell over laughing after I wrote that
Well I'm in the... uhm I don't know which grade but I'm 15 I will turn 16 this year and I had to do one grade again ;-; I guess
animefanatic416 animefanatic416 Dec 22, 2017
Dude, I'm basically 3 grades ahead of where I'm supposed to be (in 11th) , and I just turned 13.