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Smile For The Camera | Birdflash |

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Sinnamon Roll By Pokemon_Overlord Updated Oct 25

"Breaking news. Richard Grayson, ward of Bruce Wayne, was caught making out with an unknown red haired boy last night in Central!"


Being the son of a billionaire isn't easy. Being the son of Bruce Wayne is 10 times harder. When Dick wasn't fight crime he was fighting the paparazzi.

One night Dick takes a walk through the city park and runs across Wally West and it's love at first sight.

What happens when the public finds out about this scandal or even worse, what happens when Bruce finds out!

I really am liking this great writing and all the ships are my life :)
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *dies from a shipping overload*
DC_lover DC_lover Sep 08
His Boyfriends already paying for his meal, that's what I call goals.
I thought it said he was running because Bruce had a cow. I was gonna be like, wow. Very threatening.
Everyone is flipping out and I'm over here like *nods slowly in approval*
I find that akward scilence is best killed with the use of guns.