I'm Not Capable of Loving You(

I'm Not Capable of Loving You(

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Heccin By Hiddenbeneaththeland Updated Jun 08

This story starts with a boy. Shocker, a human. Though, for this human, he's heartless. No not heartless, but his heard is like a maximum security locked prison. The only feelings that escape his heart are annoyance,anger, and...he simply doesn't have many emotions. The only people he's actually given a damn about is his best friend and older brother.

His brother owns a successful company named Uchiha Studios. A moviemaking business. To promote it, this very certain boy works in a few films due to his charming looks and good acting talents. He just doesn't let himself do romance movies he's terrible at such. The Studios contracted a smaller company in doctoring and medication.

Haruno Hospitals. To keep the backstage in good health and support stressed actors. That's when a young aspiring Haruno strolls into the set. She's cheerful, sharp tongued, and quite attractive. Maybe she can widen the span of emotions of the prison hearted boy. Can she maybe guide him to find a way to gain back the great emotion of love that was lost in wreckage of his parent's deaths?

Hard to say. If he can't love more than 2 people, how can he even like anyone else?
It's merely impossible.

Why evil? He's my inspiration. But the neji thing, don't get me wrong but i felt bad.