Unexpected Blessings of Love (ManxMan)

Unexpected Blessings of Love (ManxMan)

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BlissfullyInLove93 By BlissfullyInLove93 Updated Jan 15, 2015

Trevor Edwards has always considered himself one of the luckiest men in the world. He has everything he could have ever wanted in the world; money, fame, cars, and a house he can call home. He knows that he is one very handsome man with a pretty face and a body to die for. But the one thing that he still has not been able to have is a girl that he can one day call his wife. He wants that more than anything. It is not that he is shy or anything; girls throw themselves at him all the time, but they always just want him as a sugar daddy, at least that is what his older sister has always told him. The ones that he has had relationships with have just been using him and cheated on him. Aside from that, his friends and family have set him up for a lot of blind dates; however none of them has made him feel like they are ‘the one’. He feels lonely, very lonely and he hates how he feels. 

Then one day he meets a young man. No, a young boy really by the looks of it, whom seems to have tugged something in his heart and he has never felt this way before. He doesn’t understand what the hell is going on because he is 100% sure that he’s not gay. Enter a Rory Callahan, a blonde and blue-eyed boy. Rory has done something to him that makes him question everything that he has ever known. His world has now turned upside down. He feels like he has to know this Rory guy. But should he? What should he do? 

This is a Man x Man story. Hope you all will enjoy it. Thanks for reading it. Please leave comments so that I can see what you think of it. Thanks!!!

P/S: This is my first trial at writing a story and please forgive me if you don’t understand anything. And I am very sure that my grammar, contents and everything will be all over the place. But I have to start somewhere, right? ^_^

So far there are a couple of private chapters and Rated R. Be sure to 'Follow Me' and also feel free to check my other works: 'Boarding Boys' and 'Bound by The Rainbow). Thx!

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DrunkenSorrow DrunkenSorrow Jul 16, 2017
Um wat a bold egg with glasses??? He looks like humpty dumpty from the cartoon Goldie and bear with every fairytale mixed in with it
CumWaffleDaddySquirt CumWaffleDaddySquirt Oct 26, 2017
There’s more fish in the sea.
                              My fish is in the Arctic Ocean
CumWaffleDaddySquirt CumWaffleDaddySquirt Oct 26, 2017
When you go meet your online date irl and they ABSOLUTELY don’t look like their profile pic
                              We got catfished
KingDansk KingDansk Sep 13, 2016
I looked him up 😂😂😂 I'm so sorry but you need to change that 😂😂😂 rip me 😂😂😂
VoteDbest VoteDbest Jan 17, 2015
Interesting cover..check. First trial of... 's fine. Even better. Grammar, content etc..never a prob. Follow the author..check. Check other works...consider it done. *grin*
                              Now.. Let's start reading shall we.. :)
SheThirsty SheThirsty Jan 02, 2015
@BLUE_NIGHT_FIGHT OMF you got me curious and i will forever hate you  what was seen can not be unseen