Some Scars Never Fade

Some Scars Never Fade

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Madai Romero By madairifa Updated a day ago

August, 1865
The War is over and as America is trying to recover, Nicholas Gregson is trying to get used to his civilian life. But the deep scar on the side of his face will always remind him of the most violent war in America. 

One windy day, Nicholas gets a visit from his former General with a rare proposition: He wants him to marry one of his daughters. Although Mary is beautiful and well brought up, he hesitates. He doesn't know if he can love her and he is certain she won't ever be able to surpass his war scar.

Olivia Clark is happy for her twin sister, marrying a man their father respected dearly was bound to be a good marriage. But she worries. Scars of her own remind her that men can not be trusted. 

Will Olivia let her guard down and allow love to enter her life?

Will Nicholas give himself a chance to be happy with a woman that won't even look at his face?

11/22/2016: #9 in Historical Fiction *shrieks like a Nozgul*

I've loved reading all of your other stories. I hope this one will be just as good! It's reminding me of a book I read called The Painters Daughter. The man in the story reminds me of Nicholas in this one.
LuckyPlum LuckyPlum 5 days ago
This caught me! I followed another follower here (eh, stalkerish slightly lol), so glad I did. Excellently written ❤️.