The Man Behind The Beast (BWWM) ✓

The Man Behind The Beast (BWWM) ✓

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Wambui Muiruri By wambuimuiruriii Completed

"He fell into despair and lost all hope... For who could ever love a beast?"
                                                     -Beauty and The Beast

When Elle stumbled upon an ad for a stay in chef, she thought the universe had finally tipped in her favor. After graduating from culinary school, she wasn't sure what direction her life would go in... 

Until she met Stefan DeGramont.

At first, he seemed like a cold hearted, presumptuous, egotistical asshole. As she grew to know him... Well... I guess you could add Mafia boss to the list.

Now tangled in his crazy Mafia business, will something fragile like her heart, be on the line? Or maybe something more risky, like her life?

Could all this be avoided If she can learn to love the man behind the beast... Before it's too late.

"A thorn defends the Rose. Harming only those that will steal the blossom."

AlittleTooGone AlittleTooGone 4 days ago
Sis if you can't even dress professionally to meet your BOSS, then you needa pack yo shït back up and get to steppin 😂
tokiereign tokiereign Nov 24
But this is basically like a job interview you better look presentable 😂
Omg omg that's my nigga Chip
                              How you doing my boy😂😂😁
xFLY_CANDYx xFLY_CANDYx 2 days ago
Seriously, I hate stories like these, too fuckin unrealistic. Peace, I'm out. ✌
AlittleTooGone AlittleTooGone 4 days ago
Can you quit being extra, it's literally only chapter 1 😑
HeteroLlama HeteroLlama Sep 09
Home girl he is paying you. And you giving him attitude because you don't wanna wear uniform??? Foh