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I'm only human { abused reader x AU sans }

I'm only human { abused reader x AU sans }

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pixelNinja180Z By pixelNinja180Z Updated Oct 14, 2016

When your life turns upside down and as you watch the only monster that you know leave you alone in the  anti-void a bunch of new monsters appear. Should you trust these monsters? 

Hi everybody this is my first story 
I know most people won't read this but still!
I can try.
Y/n- your name
L/n-last name
H/c- hair colour
E/c- eye colour
Just incase you had no idea (I didn't know what they meant before lol)
(This is one story not separate parts)

Breh I actually have been abused and I started cutting my wrists so now I live with my mom but HEY WHO CARES IM AN ONLU CHILD WHOOP WHOOP
huh welp i am a heartless being...i didnt cry....n-no offence of course!
gem_fighter gem_fighter Jun 02 was I not crying from the animation....?....I think it cuz I almost faced death at the age of 5 cuz I almost purposely stabbed myself,cuz I knew that it was gonna be a hard life...and it is.....
No we are going to Sans Heaven!! Where you have every Sans fall in love with you!!!
ShadowWerewolf1015 ShadowWerewolf1015 Nov 09, 2016
I promised not to cry and I cried 
                              Also on another note is au Sans regular Sans or what I'm not thinking straight so someone help
Uh... Am I "weeeird" for not feeling sad or something like that at the video-