Business Trip (Mario Selman)

Business Trip (Mario Selman)

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Chrissy Selman By smexymario Updated a day ago

Childhood enemies; Mario Selman and Alexa Garcia always hated each other.

Their parents work together so Alexa and Mario would always see each other due to their parents always discussing about their business.

They grew up with this lifestyle for many years.

Eventually, their parents went on their first business trip for 2 months because they thought Mario and Alexa were old enough to stay together in one of their houses while they were gone.

At first, Alexa and Mario absolutely hated the idea but they had no other choice.

As time passes by quickly, Alexa and Mario started to get along.

But what's gonna happen??

HTX_EMLY HTX_EMLY 7 days ago
No offense but Caso in English is behave so the sentence i would  is " Mario venue en etse caso " but the word that I would use ( no offense again)  is " momentó"
Angela111414 Angela111414 Sep 09, 2016
Me too girl😂😂😂 what part of the Philippines do you live in?
deletedaccount123425 deletedaccount123425 Nov 09, 2016
I know one word in Spanish!!!
                              Puta, yes I know what it means☺
HTX_EMLY HTX_EMLY 7 days ago
But the reason I would read it like that bc I'm from Mexico so that is how I will read
herbestfriend0123 herbestfriend0123 Aug 01, 2016
Plz update asap when you can but it would be nice for it to be today...
marioandothers marioandothers 3 days ago
I'm Puerto rican so, I understand Spanish pretty guud if u where 2 judge myself 😂😂🙂🙃👍👍