Temptation [Reaper!Sans x Reader]

Temptation [Reaper!Sans x Reader]

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Asy The Skele By AsyTheInsaneSkele Updated a day ago

He was death.
  The end of everything.
And you?
    Your soul, who had refused to accept death.
       You had been taken in by the goddess of life.
                           Mother Toriel.

You had taken home with Toriel.
     And lived happily.
       Death sometimes disturbing you in your daily chores to try and convince yo to follow him.
            But, nothing you couldn't handle.

One day,
                Someone knocked upon the door,
                And someone answered.

GirlyGaming212 GirlyGaming212 a day ago
@.@ I'm a sinner, my sister makes me a sinner. Its disturbing I forgot to mention, I'm a sinner, my sister makes me a sinner
                              (Anyone get the bad parody of a song????)
DreamyShippers DreamyShippers 6 days ago
Sorry to ruin the Sentimental moment, but am I the only one who thinks of that one comic where kid!papyrus is playing with the hand puppets and is marrying them? No? Okay.
CrystalliaKitty CrystalliaKitty Nov 22, 2016
OMG MY STUPID DIRTY MIND! *hits head repeatedly on table to get dirty thoughts out of my head*
icebaby420 icebaby420 Nov 16, 2016
I'm insane, because I'm talk to my blood, MY BLOOD. Ps love the stroy sp far :-p