Corruption [Reaper!Sans x Reader]

Corruption [Reaper!Sans x Reader]

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Caelum By BlueJaysMama Completed

He was death.
  The end of everything.
And you?
    Your soul, who had refused to accept death.
       You had been taken in by the goddess of life.
                           Mother Toriel.

You had taken home with Toriel.
     And lived happily.
       Death sometimes disturbing you in your daily chores to try and convince yo to follow him.
            But, nothing you couldn't handle.

One day,
                Someone knocked upon the door,
                And someone answered.

  • anger
  • car
  • crash
  • crazy
  • death
  • doors
  • fear
  • gods
  • hatred
  • realertale
  • romance
  • sans
  • slowburner
Emlett Emlett 5 days ago
I treat all my food like my children
                              ....that I eventually eat.
                              But they love me.
killerkamen killerkamen 6 days ago
FallenSoulChild FallenSoulChild Nov 05, 2017
Me: om nom nom so goo-
                              Bread: honey...why
                              Me: DAD? OH GOD!!!!
mallover32251 mallover32251 Nov 07, 2017
Actually it would be a bamboo wall with a barrier so no one could detect anyone inside but some how reapertale sans found it
Thatonepotato3 Thatonepotato3 6 days ago
How could you...
                              Eat the last pringle?
HieuMauLe HieuMauLe Dec 26, 2017
I feel like....this is a metaphor for UF!sans not loving me......hehe pun intended.