The Identity Squad ~ Adrienette/LadyNoir

The Identity Squad ~ Adrienette/LadyNoir

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☀️ allyyy ☀️ By Chocopaws Completed

"Who could Ladybug really be? Why has she always kept her identity a secret? If I was her, I would be revealing it to the world. That would be basically working for nothing." 

Little did Alya and Chat Noir know that they both really wanted to know Ladybug's identity forever. Now, they take risks and opportunities. Start from the bottom to work your way to the top. 

After Alya 'accidentally' finds out Chat's Noir's identity, they team up to see who Ladybug actually is. This would be later known as, Mission Identity Squad.

Completed Officially: December 2nd, 2016.

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Henvincible Henvincible 18 hours ago
Why half English and half French? It should be "Pound it. I love you." or "Bien joué. Je t'aime."
MadisonMal MadisonMal 6 days ago
For a second I thought Ladybug said that and I'm sitting here thinking wtf happened.
Henvincible Henvincible 18 hours ago
Um, loosing would be used in the case of "they were caught loosing the cattle from their cages". You want losing. Common error, I'm only aware at the moment because I got called out for it yesterday.
Fun4Life_XoxO Fun4Life_XoxO Oct 09, 2016
Ladybug just told him where the akuma is. Chat noir got it and broke it. They have equal parts y'know
MentalSugar MentalSugar Jul 28, 2016
OMG this is getting so good i can't wait for more keep it up! :D