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The Words That I needed To Hear The Most (Yui&Ayato)

The Words That I needed To Hear The Most (Yui&Ayato)

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MystyDiabolikShackle By MystyDiabolikShackle Updated Jan 21

So Yui has been living in the Sakamaki mansion for a long time.Ayato was her childhood friend but she never relized that he was a vampire.He acts different now,then he used to act when he was young.Yui finally escaped the Sakamaki mansion.She goes to school now.Ayato found Yui and he told her that he'll be staying with her at this school just to take care of her.Yui doesn't trust him since he's a vampire.But Yui just YOLO it.Shes a girl that doesn't have any friends but she's the smartest girl in the whole school.Since the 2 kept hanging out with each other,eventually one of them fell in love with the other person.

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