New Age

New Age

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Kristin By Aldanya Updated Apr 11, 2012

This story is split up in three parts which will eventually collide. Thòr: a beast of the future, Atelia: a girl with an abnormal long life and foreboding abilities. Magnum: a boy at sixteen, striving to live as a mutant in which he is a crossing between human and beast.

The world is no longer as we see it today. Wild has yet again captured the world in its claws, and humanity is struggling to survive- the air is toxic, and outside the walls protecting each small population of humanity; monsters and definite death awaits. 

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Aldanya Aldanya Jul 03, 2010
@strawberrykiller37 Arigatou, Jordbær-chan! I'm super happy that you liked it! I kinda tried to make it... melancholic =) 
                              Let's hope you like the next =)
                              Chuu, Krissa-chan!
strawberrykiller37 strawberrykiller37 Jul 02, 2010
                              i love futuristic-new age things.
                              anyways; incredible plot.
                              they way you describe things is incredible, like i can see it all!
                              and your cadence.. is very melancholy...
                              even in..3rd..person..?
                              the point gets across well..
                              love it! 
vicky_nfs vicky_nfs Apr 25, 2010
This was really good! I liked it. It definitely left me wanting more :)
                              You could really sense the "sadness" from the person in this part.
NoahRiley NoahRiley Mar 23, 2010
oohh, very good start. You could be a published Author, after that part!
Aldanya Aldanya Mar 05, 2010
@alicev: Pure souls...i thought of it more as innocence. That would mean that most survivors are children though, and the strong ones more adults. Though that varies. You'll see in the "after" version what is. :)
dreamofluv dreamofluv Feb 16, 2010
OMG!  Amazing!  I love it!!  Your words, describing the wars, and "creatures" and the scene before her...AWESOME!  Your good, I am hooked and can't wait to read the first chapter!