An Arrow To Pierce The Heart

An Arrow To Pierce The Heart

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Faith Hornbuckle By ShadowSigns Updated Aug 15, 2018

He had me cornered in the alley. Backed against the cold red brick. I smiled humorously. He thinks he caught me. That idiot actually thinks hes got me scared and afraid. No, I'm afraid not.

He had a new arrow drawn to its fullest. Knocked and ready for its release. The red of his hair and suit stuck out like a sore thumb against Star City's lights of the night, even more so when a car passed the street in front of the alleyway. I had never seen eyes as narrowed as his, anger evident in what laid behind the mask. 

"Give up, Cinderella." He threatened gripping the staff of his bow even tighter. 

My hands found my hips defiantly. "See here, Sweetheart." I sassed. "Cinderella wore glass slippers to her ball. Which, by the way, could not be comfortable in the least." My right hand lifted to my chest, fingers spread elegantly over my collar bone. "I, on the other hand, wear a silver mask. Because the only parties I go to, Mr. Archer,-" 

In a second I was behind him, my hands wrapped sensually around his firm biceps. Damn, this boy be built! My lips nearly touched the bottom of his lobe. My breasts down to my hips pressed against his back. I could get used to this. 

His body surprisingly smelt of axe. Who knew little red the liking for it. His muscles clearly tensed under my closeness producing a confident grin upon my face. "Are Masquerades."