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Fuzzy_CAT_Girl By Fuzzy_CAT_Girl Updated Aug 19, 2017

This is my first book I ever wrote so please no hate...this is open(I kinda just started it) um...leave in the comments you question bye saying

:who the question is to:
:say it's a question by saying #ask:
:and then put your question:


Love Ya <3


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unknownError303 unknownError303 Sep 15, 2016
Yes I wou- 
                              Chara: you better not eat them there my chocolate why are u just standing there omg I hate u stupid peace of shi-
                              Yes I would like one * grabs one and eats one *
                              Chara: IM GOING TO KILL YOU STUPID BITC-
                              Hey is that a bird *walks away *
CesiliaxRyanMemes CesiliaxRyanMemes Sep 17, 2016
*Gives Jammy Starbucks(Cotton Candy Frappe)* Try Some It Has No Coffee In It.Hue.*Gives Jammy A Smol Kiss On The Cheek* =3
Drawlador Drawlador Jul 28, 2016
 #ask- aww so jammy do u have any friends or a CRUSH???? Eh eh? *can u read my story? XD I updated it*
Fuzzy_CAT_Girl Fuzzy_CAT_Girl Jul 28, 2016
(///ω///) asker why.....imm end up making lemons cuz of you xD
- - Sep 14, 2016
Edge is a badass. THANK GOG MY IDOL SHIPS SCIENCEFELL LIKE ME!!!! *points at loverofpiggies/crayonqueen*  SENPAI!!!!!!!