Eleven Seekers

Eleven Seekers

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Beezy By DarkShadows5 Updated 7 days ago

I will not pretend there aren't things that frighten me. 

Truth is, I am afraid of myself. 

I have lost control more times than I can count, nearly killing those whom have raised and protected me. 

It is between those whom fight for me that I have grown to feel for more than one.

It is for both that I fight so hard to keep control.

We are the most powerful and dangerous beings to ever exist. We set the rules and no one dares defy us. 

Though we possess power far greater than one can comprehend, there are those whom disagree of us.

They want us dead. All of us.

The eldest, most powerful coven of necromancers have set out to rid of us.

As queen, it is my responsibility to protect my kind. As Seekers, it is our responsibility to rid of those whom cause destruction.

Though I have little control of my power, I will die before I allow anyone to hurt those I love....Even if it means letting go of the ones that hold my heart.

Cover by: @MaryKont

manob7 manob7 Aug 10
Idk if it's intentional or that you don't know because everywhere else your English is perfectttt. A lot of times you write whom when it should be who. If it's a mistake I'm pointing it out only because I wanted to help. Don't take offence. I love your work! Reading a second book from you 😍
readtokill readtokill Aug 06
This is great..like I said.your getting better and better..😘
So very excited for this new version! And I'm glad I was there for the original ^_^
LiziJakeman LiziJakeman Aug 29
Can't wait to start reading this. Ive been waiting for this.
Stupid voice recognition the second neither was supposed to say me