The Seekers [PAUSED]

The Seekers [PAUSED]

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Elle Lovette Wynters By SparksFlyUp Updated Jan 25, 2011

14 year old Emily Cassidy Greene almost lost her life drowning in the beach if it wasn't for a mysterious boy named Damon who saved her life. During her medication , Emily meets a girl in her dream who tells her that she is a seeker. A seeker must seek answers , lost souls and dark creatures. A seeker's duty is to find answers and destroy them, for some questions are better left unanswered . A seeker must also bring lost souls that roam the earth across the bridge where they will find safety from dark creatures. A seekers duty is also to slay the dark creatures which linger in people's hearts and roam around the earth. 

An average 14 year old is given a responsibility which comes with many benefits. With the help of her team mates , Emily will find the true meaning of courage, bravery , friendship and love . . .  if she survives the challenges along the way.

Author's notes : My first story guys :) I hope you will enjoy it ! please vote :) thanks !

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tigerlily1d tigerlily1d Apr 06, 2012
Why is there a shadow of a guy as your picture? I know it's suppose to be the boy that saved her, but it looks more like a fully grown man...
SparksFlyUp SparksFlyUp Dec 31, 2010
@xxilovelifexx Thank you for your votes and the suggestion ! ^^
SparksFlyUp SparksFlyUp Dec 31, 2010
@x0XjamieeX0x :) Thank you ! I added more spaces in chapter 3 ! Thanks for the suggestion ^^
x0XjamieeX0x x0XjamieeX0x Dec 31, 2010
Cool story !
                              Just a suggestion tho, add spaces between quotations
                              But i really like the story, and i voted(:
SparksFlyUp SparksFlyUp Dec 28, 2010
@State-of-the-ART Thank you for your comment ! :D I'll definitely space the conversation when I write again :) I'd be glad to read your stories and give feedback ! :) thanks for your comment again ! :D