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millie By httpmaden Updated Nov 16

"it may make me greedy, but i want you all to myself" 

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faceclaims inside 
enjoy sweethearts

authorsbane authorsbane Nov 28
Hello, my darling! I really need a face claim for a middle aged man (early-mid 30s if possible) with dark skin. Is it also possible for you to help me find some candidates? Thank you so, so much!
frenchelsa frenchelsa Oct 31
I'm looking for a girl under 15 with red hair and blue eyes.
Hey, I'm looking for a female with red fair and blue eyes, that is from the ages 17-26 that looks like and has scenes that could be wizardly like.
Hi, erm I was wondering if you could help me find a look a like or suggestions for a face claim. Maybe one that looks like Vanessa hudgens or Frieda pinto. . .something like that
Perie- Perie- Nov 15
I'm looking for a girl with really short dark hair. Any help will be appreciated! :D
IittIes IittIes Nov 22
hi! I'm looking for both male and females with an innocence to them, making them look young and fragile c: