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Wrapped Around My Little Finger (Error!Sans X Reader)

Wrapped Around My Little Finger (Error!Sans X Reader)

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Yew Know it By The_Lolz Updated Apr 23

Exsistance. What is it? Humans would never understand. Existence is everything. An eternity. A Never ending always, is how you like to put it. Somehow, it never was, but is still, always will be. It would be impossible, to explain exsistance. But, to some people, its easy. Its there. That's it. Exsistance, is something. It can't be nothing. Its what there is. 

But the nonexsistance, is nothing. Never was, and never will be. It is torture. It breaks the fabric of the fragile mind. Causes insanity. It leads to outrage. The mind always needs something. So, when there is nothing, it can't hold. This happens to every mind.




Accept yours.

So what do you do? When a corrupted skeleton traps you in some dimension. With no chance of escaping, and no one to acompany you? Well...maybe if you read this can find out! Never hurt anyone to take a little peeeeaaaak~

Pretty much me, but a few things off. I'm a crazy Marvel and Star Wars fan, I'm an Otaku, and I have to say you wouldn't like me when I'm angry
2541FT 2541FT Mar 17
Myyyyy baaaeeeee😆😆😆😆💋😙💏😘😙😘😆😄😗💋😙💏😆😄😄
ItzGabrxiella ItzGabrxiella Nov 26, 2016
INK?!Well things got a bit MESSY here...hehehe...see what I did there?No..?Ok..
edgysage edgysage Nov 22, 2016
Relatable. But if someone really pisses me off, oh buhjesus. You don't wanna see that side of me
Lafaya Lafaya Feb 20
OMG this is so me. Just socking someone in the middle if the face 😂😂😂
TheSandwingDragonet TheSandwingDragonet Nov 02, 2016
GASP. I really frickin thought that it was error. But yay! Ink is one of my absolute favorites.