Kidnapped. {ManxBoy} {BDSM & D/s}

Kidnapped. {ManxBoy} {BDSM & D/s}

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Glarchi By Glarchi Updated Oct 12

"Why am I here? Where are you taking me?" I asked, my voice ragged. I strained against the handcuffs, but nothing I did helped. 

I felt something cold and hard press against my head.  "Say one more thing and I'll blow your brains out." The man growled. I whimpered,  not daring to say another word. 

Who is this man,  and why did he kidnap me?

                              (Don't ask why it corrected to that 0,0) (ps I don't rape people)
ZoroxLuffy ZoroxLuffy Aug 02
Yas ! I have been waiting for you to make a story like this ever since I read the story 'Puppet Boy'
MissyBurza MissyBurza Oct 24
I love it and I haven't even read the whole book yet can't wait to see what happens next