Kidnapped. {ManxBoy} {BDSM & D/s}

Kidnapped. {ManxBoy} {BDSM & D/s}

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Glarchi By Glarchi Updated Feb 05

"Why am I here? Where are you taking me?" I asked, my voice ragged. I strained against the handcuffs, but nothing I did helped. 

I felt something cold and hard press against my head.  "Say one more thing and I'll blow your brains out." The man growled. I whimpered,  not daring to say another word. 

Who is this man,  and why did he kidnap me?

im not sure if his mom is really giving him real sugar or not. he's hype af
Yaoi_San Yaoi_San Jun 11
In professional bands triangle players actually get paid alot because there's a certain part on it that resonates really well and apparently it takes skill to find it.
-When you're so submissive you'd automatically do what the guy said unless instructed otherwise-
Ok I'll help... this is what you need to do.... don't fight him and go find your master and have sèx and fall in love or something... and warship your master and the yaoi gods...
ZoroxLuffy ZoroxLuffy Aug 02, 2016
Yas ! I have been waiting for you to make a story like this ever since I read the story 'Puppet Boy'