Hentai // kth

Hentai // kth

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「Jongdaeddy™」 By httpskjd Updated Nov 10

"Octopus porn is hot".

"You're fucking disgusting, I just hope you're aware of that".


In which a girl accidentally discovers the popular boys secret stash of hentai.

[Warning]: Strong language//sexual content//fetishes//hentai

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lol he  isnt playing pokemon go because you have to walk for that... it was probs an excuse... but the thing is.. why would he need an excuse? what is he watching?
dairycreams dairycreams Jul 05
if they we're the "school's fckbois" why not report them lah? ok bye
Lmaooo I stopped playing Pokemon go because first of all, I have no data. Second, I barely go anywhere out of my house
- - Aug 21
Am I the only one who thinks it's not Pokemon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Ishimaru_ Ishimaru_ Aug 03
Summer time = reading time
                              Class time = reading time
                              Home time = reading time
                              Or it's just me who knows
me when i was in high schoool tho and the only reason why i was popular was bc i was a cheerleader and planned the dances so i was forced to talk to everYONE🙃