Finger Paint | Phan

Finger Paint | Phan

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Liza Bell By howell4me Completed

{P h a n : C o m p l e t e d}

"Help Me"

trigger warning : suicide, self-harm

cclikescats cclikescats Jun 17
I'll draw you a picture
                              I'll draw it with a twist
                              I'll draw it with  razor
                              I'll draw it on my wrist
                              If I do it correctly 
                              A red fountain will appear
                              To take away my pain
                              And wash away my fear
MeliDR18 MeliDR18 Jul 25
The first sentence already got me.
                              *Gets craft supplies ready*
                              "LET'S DO THIS!"
QuteBoyx3 QuteBoyx3 Sep 15
i draw a lot... if you mean a razor as a pen and my skin as a canvas
I draw positive things on my arms and any area where I want to cut myself
RyansEyeliner RyansEyeliner Dec 27, 2016
Why do I get the feeling that this isnt gonna be smol 5 year old dan and phil finger painting animals