Destiny (A Septiplier Fanfiction)

Destiny (A Septiplier Fanfiction)

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Sam 🐺🖤 By Wolfie7412 Updated Aug 29

Jack lives in a world where people have the same tattoo on their wrist to show that they are soulmates.  He has tried every girl that has come into his path but what if it isn't a girl? Mark has the exact same problem, but they are both more than 4,000 miles apart.

A/n-In this book we will share the journey of Mark and Sean's/Jack's never ending love.

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3mma1i113y 3mma1i113y Apr 03
What do you reckon your tattoo would be? Mine would probably be headphones, music notes, and a book, all on top of a YouTube logo. At least I hope, because that is pretty much my essence.
Soulmate god:*puts same tattoos on mark and jacks wrists * you two won't find each other. so why the hell not??
Maybe ur adopted and some how during the transaction they got ur birth messed up and your actually 14
Not fair he gets a warning while If I say it once my momma is gonna beat the living sh*t out of me jacks lucky
I bet you that in this au there would be multiple apps where u would take a picture of your tattoo and as soon as they found a match they would tell u... Kinda like a dating app