Falling For The Bad Guy (Laurinah)

Falling For The Bad Guy (Laurinah)

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Kai By bluedinah1997 Updated Mar 14

There is an undeniable connection between mobster Lauren Jauregui and the officer studying her case, Dinah Jane Hansen. Drama follows the pair at every corner, starting when Lauren abducts Dinah from work and then weeks later, Dinah's girlfriend, Normani, mysteriously comes up missing, only for her to be abducted and brought back perfectly in tact by one of Lauren's workers, Camila. News reporter Allyson Hernandez follows and reports each case, will she get caught into the mess as well? And will Dinah be able to push through... or is Falling For The Bad Guy too much to handle?


"You're no good for me." Dinah mumbles, looking straight into Lauren's enticing green eyes, "But I can't help that my heart craves you like my lungs crave air."

"I told you I wasn't any good, but you always had to see the bright side of things. Nothing ever has a happy ending. Save that shit for the fairy tales." Lauren says as she walks away, leaving Dinah to her tears.

"Why did I have to fall for the bad guy?"

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